Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The (Eleventh) Finger

So the Doctor told me this story the other day and since he deems it too irrelevant an anecdote to write about, I shall swoop in and take this one:

It is a regular day in the Emergency Ward at St. John's in Bangalore and the Doctor is tending to an motorcycle accident victim who has just come in. Suddenly he notices some rolled up bloody gauze lying on a table. He goes over and opens it up and finds a finger in it! Panic. He dashes back to the motorcylcle accident victim and checks all his fingers. All there. He runs over to the next bed. 'Show me your hands, show me your hands!' he asks frantically. Hands appear and he counts the fingers... One Two Three Four... Five. One Two Three Four and Five. He rushes to all seven beds. All fingers attached and intact. 'Where did this finger come from?' he asks the doctors, nurses and interns. No one knows.

Later, over the phone, 'What?! Wait... So that means someone was and still is missing a finger somewhere!' I said, shocked. 'Yes, somewhere.. someone.. is missing a pinkie as we speak.' said the Doctor ominously.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Do this. Now!

Go to and click on the exclamation mark after the Yahoo logo.