Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parental Skype

The Maternal One: You will not believe what your father did!
Snake Anthony: What did he do now?
TMA: We went grocery shopping at that new high end grocery store and I put a lemon into the shopping cart and your father bought it!
SA: And why wouldn't he?
TMA: I was in a rush so I didn't notice but it cost Rs. 130! A single lemon!
SA: Wow, why did he buy it then?
TMA: Ask your father!
Father (from the side): My wife wanted a lemon that cost Rs. 130 so I bought it.
TMA: But he won't buy me what I really want.
SA: What do you really want?
TMA: An emerald ring.
Father: I'd much rather buy your mother a Rs. 130 lemon than an emerald ring.
TMA: So much for 35 years of marriage. Hmpf!