Monday, November 24, 2008

Snake Anthony and the Mechanic

Snake Anthony went to the mechanic the other day to get her headlight and bumper changed. The mechanic opened the car bonnet to examine the engine. It looked like a regular engine, convoluted and dusty. But it had tiny little paw marks all over in the dust. These are rat paw marks, the mechanic remarked.

Snake Anthony, shrieking: What?! How did a rat get in my engine?!

Mechanic, pensively: Well, do you have a garden?

Snake Anthony: Yes, I do.

Mechanic: Hmmm... that's where it is from.

Snake Anthony: Err.. that's great. But what do I do now? I can't put rat poison in my garden. I have a dog. And what if the rat starts chewing my wires?! Then I am screwed! What do I do?

Mechanic, leaning forward: Here's the thing... the rat has messed with you, right?

Snake Anthony, also leaning forward: Right.

Mechanic: So now you have to mess with the rat! Iska dimaag ghuma dena hai (you need to turn the rat's brain around). Wonder how?

Snake Anthony: How?

Mechanic: How do you park your car?

Snake Anthony: What do you mean, how do I park my car? I drive into my driveway and park it.

Mechanic: Aha! Now this evening you need to REVERSE park it! So when the rat wants to chill in your engine tonight, he'll find your boot instead! That's how you will mess with the rat's mind.