Monday, September 20, 2010

A Plate of Nostalgia

Snake Anthony did something bizarrely uncharacteristic last evening - she made a plate of maggie and mince for dinner. Anyone who attended her undergraduate school would know the significance of such an act. It wasn't planned though. The supplies were just lying there and it seemed almost natural to bring them together in a plate of nostalgia.

You would know that Snake Anthony is not given to random bouts of reminiscence. In fact, what this innocuous plate of food brought on was a surge of emotion she has never experienced in all the years that have passed. She imagined a hot dusty Delhi afternoon, sitting cross legged in the giant cane armchairs of the cafe, waving her arm furiously to get Mohan-ji's attention. She wants to have a plate of maggie and mince. She's surrounded by friends stranger than her, a giant cloud of cigarette smoke and the gentleness of a dream that she will conquer the world with passion and resilience.

It made her smile.