Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Wave

This one is for TS who recently told me to ‘Write. Write. Write. My Lovely.’. My apologies that it isn’t a full fledged soul baring entry but you would agree that those are hard to come by on We Are Rolling. So we have one of Snake Anthony’s typical random numbers that inshallah, will lead to greater waves in the coming months.

My mum came to visit me this past week from Singapore. I was very eager to show her my humble abode and the working of my new single and independent life. I was particularly pleased that she was unusually impressed by everything from my meal of oats in the morning to the condition of my car.

However, the d├ęcor of my room did not quite catch her fancy:

‘SA, I really don’t like waking up in the morning and looking at the tsunami!’

‘Ma, that is not the tsunami. That’s The Great Wave of Kanagawa, Hokusai’s masterpiece.’

‘I can see that. It’s still the tsunami to me. Take it off.’

‘But, Ma…’

‘It’s freaking me out. Take it off, SA.’